Why I Love Strategy Games

Why I Love Strategy Games Source: Flickr A method video game is one in which the skills of the play and his decision making integrate to influence the outcome. Normally, technique video games been available in the type of video, board or computer games. Most video games include some approach…

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Offshore Employee Outsourcing

Offshore Staff member Outsourcing Required help in achieving your company’s full potential? Offshore Worker Outsourcingwould be the very best solution for you! Outsourcing is one of the most effective business devices to this day. Several business in various parts of the world are deploying this approach to continuously keep their…

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Nyhm’s WOW Guide- 4 guides in 1

Nyhm’s WOW Guide- 4 guides in 1 Nyhm’s Warcraft Guide is a plan consisting of 4 guides that contain high quality info on gold making, leveling up, PvP and professions respectively. The e-books remain in PDF format which permit you to utilize them during video game play. In addition to…

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Is Joining A Guild In WoW Worth Your Time?

Is Joining A Guild In WoW Worth Your Time? Word of Warcraft is an MMORPG at its core. The very first 2 letters of that abbreviation represent “massive multiplayer,” straight indicating that WoW was designed to be played in groups. Fortunately Snowstorm acknowledged early on that there are people who…

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Game recording software


Looking at options for recording the video of our games. From my research it look like ezvid seems to be the best option. Being free gives it some bonus points.  Some of the gamer channel use the same software and it looks quite easy to use. www.ezvid.com is their website. Let…

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Youtube Channel?


A few of you have recently suggested that we start a youtube channel with some of our game play. I have never been one to record game play, But i think this could be great tool for coaching and a way to remember some of the great victories and lols….

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Great WOW Gameplay Video

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 2.28.32 pm

I have recently been following a few youtube gamers. Its great to watch some great HD gameplay and to some different gameplay and techniques. Check out this video it is some great game play and I certainly learnt a bunch. Watch for the big lol in the middle, it’s a…

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2014 Guild Meetup!


I know lots of you guys have been waiting for information on our 2014 Guild meet up. The 2013 Meet up was a great evening. Be able to meet many of the players i talk to for hours each night in real life was a great opportunity. Its amazing how…

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Coaching spots available


Hey guys! Don’t know if everyone knows that we actually offer coaching here at Guild-Sins. I remember when i struggled to get to the next level or to understand some of the more advanced techniques that you see some the higher ranked players using together. It was other guild members…

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Guild-Sins Group Screenshot


    We recently had a Guild-Sins meet up. It was so much fun! Thanks to everyone who took part in it. We ran an awesome raid and had some great victories. Stand out players would have to be ronix and zareoktra they really lead the charge. We have really…

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