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World of Warcraft(WOW) is massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

The game was released in 2004 and has to say it massive multiplayer game is a understatement, the game has over 10 million players all across the world and still after 11 years of gaming the online community is still running strong. Games such as league of legends have take the lime light in the mean time. It is only a matter of time before a new version of the game with a new interface and improved graphics is released. Continued expansion packs have been released which adds brand new game play, giving the game greater life and enjoyability.

World of Warcraft is made by Blizzard Entertainment who have made some great games such as the Warcraft series, Diablo Series and Starcraft. Developing games since 1991 Blizzard has made an unmissable mark of the gaming world. I remember playing RPM Racing on Super Nintendo(SNES) and only recently have i discovered that this game was the first game Blizzard Made. Enjoying the first game back then with great game play, Blizzard has created one of the best games World of Warcraft. It is reported that Blizzard have made around 10 Billion dollars since the release of WOW.

One of the reasons when WOW was released it was so successful was that the back story and “world” the game was played in had been developed since the original release of Warcraft 1. Warcraft 1 has completed different game play but the characters, realms and races have grown into what we know as WOW today. Many games fail to grab the audiences attention due to lack of development into the characters and their back stories. Not only this but the world they are placed in makes such a difference.

Look at the Lord of The Rings series as an example. The back story to the books and movies we know so know well are as deep and well thought out as the story lines themselves. If you have time to read some of Tolkien’s other books such as The Silmarillion which explains the very creation of the Lord of The Rings world. As mentioned earlier i do think the development of the Warcraft series before the release of WOW has helped create the depth and addictive gameplay of WOW.


World of Warcraft releases and expansion packs:


2004 – World of Warcraft


2007 – The Burning Crusade


2008 – Wrath of the Lich King


2010 – Cataclysm


2012 – Mists of Pandaria


2014 – Warlords of Draenor

World of Warcraft Game Play

Each player starts by creating a new character that they will play with through their entirety of their game. Make sure you look at all the options and read about them on all various wiki’s about WOW, Because once you get into the game those options are not easy or impossible to change without losing your progress.

Players need to choose from class with choices such as mages, warriors, and priests available and race such as orcs or trolls for the Horde, or humans or dwarves for the Alliance.

As the game progresses and you upgrade your items and gems and go up in levels your character develops and become unique to you and your playing style.

The player plays the game with a third person view, you are free to roam and explore the landscape, you fight various monsters, completing quests, and interacting with other players.

Here is video showing you WOW’s gameplay is like:

Also similar to other MMORPGs, WOW requires the player to pay for a subscription each month.

If you are venturing into starting WOW for the first time(it is never to late to join) make sure you reach out to us and ask as many questions as you like.