Game recording software

Looking at options for recording the video of our games. From my research it look like ezvid seems to be the best option. Being free gives it some bonus points.  Some of the gamer channel use the same software and it looks quite easy to use. is their website. Let me know what you think. Here is a quote from their website about the softwareg.

Ezvid is perfect for creating and editing your gameplay screencasts.  It’s quick, easy to use, and uploads your gameplay videos straight to youtube.  Just drag and drop your videos into ezvid’s timeline to edit your videos and add text, effects, narration, and music.  Then, upload your video to YouTube straight from ezvid.

Do you think we should record narration after the game as we review it or should we just have the chat communication sound?

Wondering if my current game card will cut it or will i need to upgrade. Yes and excuse to upgrade!