Guild-Sins Group Screenshot



We recently had a Guild-Sins meet up. It was so much fun! Thanks to everyone who took part in it. We ran an awesome raid and had some great victories. Stand out players would have to be ronix and zareoktra they really lead the charge. We have really got good at our group communication during missions and are really working well as a team.

guildgrouppicIf you missed out on this Guild meet up. Make sure you watch our newsfeed for the next one. As it won’t be too long as the last one was so much fun.

I did noticed a lot of players had items that they could have upgraded a lot more to really make your attacks and speed more effective. Make sure you spend the valuable time upgrading your own items as it helps out the team so much. One of the main items was gems, i know some people don’t see the value in spending the time upgrading them and skilling up. As veteran player trust me, it matters 🙂

I have also added to guild group pic to our about page as it really give us new people a good idea of what we do and who we are.