Is Joining A Guild In WoW Worth Your Time?

Is Joining A Guild In WoW Worth Your Time?

Word of Warcraft is an MMORPG at its core. The very first 2 letters of that abbreviation represent “massive multiplayer,” straight indicating that WoW was designed to be played in groups. Fortunately Snowstorm acknowledged early on that there are people who would play that chosen not to communicate with others and made the video game something that might be played alone for the many part. For the large majority of gamers, the game is best experienced through combined efforts and fight, and it is impossible to obtain the hardest achievements without other people assisting.

Guild Benefits

For people who are brand-new to Warcraft, picking the ideal guild can look like a daunting prospect. It starts when you first visit with a brand brand-new character. High level guilds and brand new guilds will both wait in the starter zones for new gamers to emerge and will right away spam them with guild welcomes.

Unless you have been playing for quite some time, I would suggest that you never join a guild that is under level 20. When I start playing in a brand-new world, I constantly look for level 25 guilds only. Just for joining a higher-level guild, you will acquire experience (XP) bonus offers of up to 10 %, indicating that you can level quicker.

You will also acquire other advantages, such as less of a “capital punishment” to your equipment, faster mailing of products within the guild, and even gold perks.

Better Teamwork

While it is now really easy to queue for pick-up groups (PUGs), being in a guild and building a group for running dungeons and raids implies that you can also deal with your teamwork a lot more easily. Photo it like this: On Saturdays in the fall, would you turn your tv on weekly to view a group of random guys playing football? Or is it more amusing to watch teams that have practiced together for months and even years and know what they’re doing?

WoW is no various. There are innovative mechanics in-between all the classes in the game that are needed when you’re battling the Lich King, Death Wing, or any of the other top-level bosses. While it can be done with a PUG, the group will certainly typically clean numerous times and incur high gold costs to repair their devices before completing the run.


Making good friends in the video game is typically as much enjoyable as having pals in reality. There are guilds of all types in the game: You can discover guilds that are just for teenagers, simply for grownups, family-friendly, and so on. If you’re looking for a guild, utilize the guild finder (hotkey “j”) to pick a couple of aspects and then look at the descriptions. If you see one that is fascinating, key in “/ who [guildname] (without the brackets) then pleasantly whisper a member or 2 and see exactly what the guild is everything about.

As you can see, there are many rewards and advantages for joining a guild. If you make the effort to investigate the ideal one, Warcraft can become a very fulfilling experience and allow you to build valuable friendships. If you make the incorrect choice, nevertheless, it can be fixed simply by typing “/ gquit” and attempting a new guild.

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