Requirements to join Guild-Sins:

-You must have a good understanding of the mechanics class and of raid encounters. You need to know your role and also that of your other guild members play. You need to understand the aspects of an encounter (tanking/DPS and healing) and not just pressing buttons hoping to survive.

– Equipping all your armour/weapons to be ready for missions. It is understandable that you may not have all the awesome items, But we expect you as a fellow raider to put in a much effort to have the best gems/enchantments to that you can have, to help us out.

– You must play all the time, especially when you start. We all have jobs in the real world and things we need to do, But we would like you to play as much as you can. If possible 100% percent of all raids.

– We require all Guild-Sins members to use a microphone that has good sound. We all know how difficult it can be to complete missions when communication is disconnected or unclear.

– Must be a team player and focused on the game that is at hand and friendly and welcoming to all guild members.

– Basic Character name no special characters or swear words.

Application stages:

After you apply to Guild-Sins your application will be looked over by existing members of the guild and there may be some questions and information asked of you to provide to us. If all goes well we will arrange to skype with you. If everything works out, We will put you on a trail within the Guild. Trials usually last around 30 days and can be extended if need be. We will be available to answer your questions throughout the whole process.

Below is the application form to apply to Guild-Sins. Copy/Paste this form into the box on the contact page.

Please take time to fill in your application form as the better the information provided the better choice we can make when looking over your application.


Guild-Sins Application Form

WOW Character name:

Your Class:

Primary specs:

Armory profile link:

(Please take a screenshot of your raid profile and attach it.)

Your gaming system specs:

What addons are used?

Are you authenticated?

Why do you want to join Guild-Sins, What make you want to apply with us?

Have been apart of WOW guild before, If so which one?

What was you experience in this guild, did you have any leadership position, do you have a raiding experience?

What are you best skills and how do you use your class to your advantage.

We want to know about you! What are you favourite websites, books, hobbies. Tell us a little about yourself.